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Lars Kalthoff



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Hello there! My name is Lars Kalthoff and I'm a Game Designer and Lecturer from Germany with a BA in Digital Games.

I've worked on several game projects, first as a solo developer and later in small teams during my studies. Usually, I take on the roles of Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Level Designer, and Project Lead.

Having contributed to a diverse range of projects such as virtual card games, alternate reality games, and serious games, I've gained an appreciation for the various ways in which play manifests itself.

My goal is to unite story and gameplay to deliver cohesive, meaningful experiences. In that regard, I do not shy away from serious subjects. My bachelor thesis, for instance, was centered around an adventure game about youth suicide.

Apart from making games, I'm obsessed with learning and teaching.

I read widely about fields that are connected to Game Design such as biology, psychology, philosophy, history, and storytelling. In addition to that, I regularly conduct my own analyses of games to identify what makes them work.


I've shared some of my insights in the form of online articles that can be viewed on GameDeveloper.

From 2016 to 2018, I operated a fairly successful YouTube channel dedicated to programming tutorials for Unreal Engine 4.

As an educator, I've conducted seminars and workshops on Game Design, teaching, and adaptation for the Cologne Game Lab and the Goethe-Institut Sudan. I'm currently teaching Game Design, Interactive Storytelling, Game Development, and Game Studies at bib International College.






+49 157 36532181

Deutschland (Germany)

  • LinkedIn
  • Mein Youtube
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