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Game Projects

Swan Song

Adventure Game Concept (2022)

Face your fears!

After her suicide attempt, the protagonist Sol is left in a state of unconsciousness. In the world of her mind, you help the teenager confront her traumata and discover something worth living for. Every level introduces unique mechanics to deal with Sol's past crises.

Yu & Mi

Augmented Reality Simulation Game (2021)

Collaborate with a robot!

Work together with a virtual YuMi IRB 14000 robot in this augmented reality game for Android devices. Pick up objects, deliver them to the robot, and solve mini-games to produce sensor casings from the comfort of your own living room.

Level With Me

First-Person Shooter (2020)

Experience game development!

Revisit the same level of a first-person shooter throughout various stages of development. Discover how the mechanics, art, sound, and story evolve as the game approaches its release. Get to know its fictional developers and their relationships through in-game comments.

Underground Berlin

Alternate Reality Game (2020)

Join the Rats!

In the depths of the Berlin underground, a secret society is investigating paranormal incidents invisible to the ignorant eye. You've stumbled upon a clue. An invitation to become a member of the mysterious Rats. But not so fast! First, you'll have to solve three different cases to prove your worth for the organization. Do you have what it takes to become one of them?


Puzzle / Exploration Game (2019)

Reassemble yourself!

Enter the mind of a person torn asunder by past regrets. Explore a surreal world, work through painful memories, and collect your missing body parts to progress.

A Bond Unseen

Action / Puzzle Platform Game (2019)

Reunite your family!

Start your journey as Eon, a fantasy creature on a quest to find the lost members of his family and return them home safely. At the end of each level, you will find a new creature to join your team. Switch between the available creatures and combine their unique abilities to overcome any obstacle!

Kalthoff's Chaos Categories

Quiz Game (2018)

What do you know about yourself?

Answer questions of many different categories. Bet on your personal knowledge and try to assess yourself correctly. Survive a total of 5 rounds of questions, which will become more difficult, the further you get. Try to win as much money as you can!

Available as mobile version on Google Play Store and desktop version.

The Pod - The Card Game

Card Game (2018)

Become a game critic!

Evalute various video games with the help of the German podcasters Andre, Jochen, Sebastian and Wolfgang from "The Pod". Collect as many game cards as possible and ruin the strategy of the other players using action cards!



Das Biest vom Schnittchental

Tabletop Role Playing Game (2018)

Let the race begin!

Choose your favourite character, start your journey and be the first to bring down a powerful beast. Fight against monsters, acquire special equipment and collect useful action cards until you are ready for the final showdown.



BAMM! - The Pietsmiet Card Game

Card Game (2018)

Experience the conflict on Youtube!

Play as the German Youtube-team "Pietsmiet", a loyal subscriber, a hater or an employee at Youtube. Draw one of 13 unique hero cards and the game is on: Find out who is on your side and expose your enemies. Equip a weapon, a vehicle and a supporter card to bring down your enemies while blocking incoming damage. Includes 100+ action cards related to "Pietsmiet" and their videos.


Point & Click (2017)

Investigate an obscure crime!

A well known literary critic lost his life on the peaceful, East Frisian isle "Langeoog". Step into the shoes of  inspector Ann-Kathrin Klaasen and start to investigate: Examine the crime scene, interrogate suspects, combine evidence and use your brain to solve the riddles concerning this horrible crime. 

(No download link)

The Enemy Returns

Point & Click (2016)

Immerse yourself in the world of Middle-earth!

On the anniversary of his birth, the new king of Gondor receives a meaningful message: The orcs have left their hiding places and ambushed a group of elves. Apparently, they have once again gathered under a mysterious leader. It is up to you to find allies in this conflict and to fight back the evil creatures of Sauron.

Download (32-bit)

Activation code: Happy Birthday

Area entry code: 1111

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